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What Will You Do


  It has been quite a long while since I posted my musings. I know that pursuing things directly seldom produces desirable results. So I have been pursuing other interests while the unconscious portion of my brain has been turning things over and sifting through the a lifetime of observation, knowledge and understanding. When I […]

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Our Fractal World


  I handed the Unicorn her peanut butter sandwich. Actually, the Unicorn was not the magical beast of myth, but she was a cow which had one horn that escaped the dehorning process and grew anyway. The horn was a skinny, malformed, jagged thing – a uni-horn about six inches long. Thus she acquired her […]

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Education Blocks Issue Resolution


 Will McWhinney’s matrix and his book suggests that there are strategies to pursue on the path of issue resolution and change. Passing laws and writing policy statements only works for some. Getting people to work together collaboratively works for some. Experimenting works for some. Pursuing innovation works for some. There is no single approach that […]

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Herding Dogs and Leadership


  Herding dogs are interesting. If you really observe them over months and years, then you will come to some observed understanding. There are many different breeds that will herd cattle. Catahoulas, Border Collies and Australian Cattle Dogs (aka red and blue heelers) are among the most popular in the United States. However, I have […]

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Safety Culture: An Example of Where to Fish


  Look at Abductions from Nuclear Safety Culture.  I was looking for insight regarding culture. Where better to look than agri-culture? Insight: Cultures are intended to include one kind of thing (alfalfa fields, orchards, bacteria). With that insight now you go fishing somewhere else, say, anthropology or ethnography. After all, they are the sciences concerned […]

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Where to Fish


  It was my fourteenth year. Legally, I was old enough to hunt deer by myself, I wanted to, and I was. Never mind that unbeknownst to me my Dad trailed me for the first time to see that I was trustworthy. On this morning, I came back to camp after seeing somewhere in the […]

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Why Fish


  Why Fish from Jeff Washburn, PE   If you look back at Fishing for a Breakthrough, then you might think that I will start from where I left off following the fishing metaphor. But you’d be wrong. We should explore why people fish to see if there is some application to why people fish […]

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Metaphor and Transparent Solutions


  There you sit at your desk or in your easy chair finally alone with your thoughts. What issues do you face? Is it how to get your teenage daughter safely through the next month? Maybe it’s providing your children with higher education? Maybe your project trails schedule or budget trails expenditure? Perhaps you and […]

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